Undelete Freeware

recover undelete freewareYou know that one of the annoying things that can happen when you are using your computers is losing your important data and documents without having a backup. The situation could be something as difficult as accidentally hitting the delete button that will remove your movie or video, or it could be something that results in more terrible consequences, such as losing a presentation of thesis file that you have been working for your school.

You might probably have an experience that you got careless and accidentally deleted your important files. In some cases, another person who is also using your computer managed to delete these important files. Whatever the cause, you want to get your deleted files back. Usually, computer users will check their Recycle Bin to look for the lost file. If the deleted file is there, then you can simply restore the file to its old folder location. However, if the file is nowhere to be found in the Recycle Bin, you might feel that you have got quite a big problem.

Some computer users are wondering if there is a built-in method in your operating system that will allow them to undelete files, regardless of the version of Microsoft Windows they are using. Keep in mind that your files and data are not lost forever. In fact, chances are, these lost data are still right there in your computer hard drive. When you delete a file, your operating system is just deleting the path that you use to access that specific data.

Fortunately, there is a way to get you deleted files back. At present, there are numerous special applications such as Data Recovery Pro that has been developed by ParetoLogic. The file recovery software can help you to scan your entire computer system for files and allow you to restore them. Another good thing about this type of software is its compatibility with all current versions of Microsoft Windows.